Auxiliary fuse block

After the electrical problems I had on the first day of our 2007 bike trip I decided I wanted to make the bike easier to work on. Hopefully I won't have any more problems, but if I do, I want to be prepared.

I found an old Aspencade fuse block on Ebay. It is skinny and should fit in the side storage area with my cruise control servo. It has 3 independent fuses and 5 fuses ganged together.

Here is how I had wired my upgrades. I'm going to leave the headlight portion the same.

Here are the new changes. I used a 30 amp fuse to supply power to a key-powered relay, which in turn powers the 5 ganged fuses. Now each addition I've added is individually fused. I also moved the fuse for the EFI to this fuse block from under the seat.

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