CWI Rider backrest

I had a backrest on the Honda and I knew I'd put one on the Nomad. I decided to try a different brand. It's fancier and more adjustable.

I ordered the Custom World International backrest from Cruiser Customizing (P/N CWI-02-170).

Mounting is easy. Remove the top rear crash bar bolt (10mm) and the top shock nut (17mm) from both sides.

Set the backrest in place. There's a spacer for the bottom bolt. Once in place bolt everything back together. The bracket is strong and matches the lines of the fender bracket.

The backrest pad is nice.

The backrest is very adjustable. Herein lies my only complaint. The backrest needs to use larger hardware to keep the pad from moving under the rider's weight. The small screws and bolts aren't that strong.

Update August 2006 - I returned the backrest after our Kentucky trip. The bolts couldn't be tightened enough to hold the seat in place. Also, after a few rain showers the bolts and weld started to rust. It's a shame because this has the potential to be a great product. Protac doesn't make a backrest for this bike so I'm going to try a Mustang seat with the backrest.

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