Nomad bag shuffle

When I would go riding with my girlfriend she would have a bunch of stuff to carry along...sunglasses, keys, cigarettes, etc...we all know how women are. I knew it would be nice to have a little more storage space on the bike without getting into the saddlebags. When I was looking through Robert Hilliard's Nomad page one of the mods he did was put a bag in the empty space between the seat the license plate. I like that use of dead space. My luggage rack cuts down on the amount of dead space I have to play with.

One night I measured the space I had where a bag might go. I took the measurements and looked up bags on the internet. Windshield bags seem to be the ones that would fit best. Hmmmmmm...I have a windshield bag. I went back to the garage, removed the windshield bag, and fitted it in the space I had.

It fit perfectly! I drilled holes in the sides and used the upper sissybar bolts to attach it. Due to the way I mounted the bag the clasp was no longer accessible so I remounted the clasp. I think it turned out well.

The bag works better there than on the windshield. The bag is pretty stiff and the new risers made it crumple badly.

Now I had a big space where the windshield bag used to be. I looked around the garage and saw my Honda's fork bag. Hmmmmmm...

I held it near the opening and it looked like it would fit. I stripped off all the buckles and straps and set it in place. It fit like a glove. It is much softer and more flexible than the original windshield bad and fits better with the new risers. It also holds more. Sweet!

The colorful glow on the bag is from my Kuryakyn LED gauge.

It has a plastic stiffener in it that makes a nice compartment for my parking puck.

I'm happy with this upgrade. The best part is it cost me no money, and a part of the Honda will continue on with the Nomad.

October 2006 - Now that I've added a tour pak the former windshield bag has moved again to the tour pak rack.

The fork bag was rubbing the fender when the forks compress so I moved it to the dead space under the passenger seat. It is velcro'd in place.

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