Air shock balance tube kit

The big Nomad handles very well with me on it. One day I took my girlfriend for a ride down some twisty roads and it didn't handle near was well with the extra weight. To use a racing term it was 'tight' didn't want to turn. It was almost scary a few times.

I added air to the tires and put the shocks on a stiffer setting. I browsed a couple Nomad forums and found people highly recommended installing a balance tube for the rear air shocks. They said unbalanced air shocks can really negatively affect the handling.

I ordered the Progressive Air Fork Balance kit (P/N AFB-1) from Cruiser Customizing.

I also ordered a Progressive air pump (P/N GPA-0-15) from Cruiser Customizing. It isn't recommended to use a normal air compressor hose on the shocks as they can be easily over-pressurized.

You'll also need a valve stem core removal tool.

Remove the valve stem cores.

Put the O-rings in the adapter fittings. A little soap to lube the rings will help.

Thread the nuts on the stems, then thread the adapters on until they become snug. Tighten the nuts against the adapters with a thin 1/2" wrench.

Connect the air line and slide the cap over it to tighten the air line against the barb fitting.

Here is where I ran my air line.

Air line installation on the Gadget page.

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