Ditch lights

Railroad locomotives have lower, front-corner mounted lights called 'ditch lights'. The lights give a very noticeable triangular pattern. Some Goldwings have this style of lighting and it is very noticeable. I had these style of lights on my Shadow so I decided to put a set on the Nomad.

I have a lightbar on the Nomad, but from a distance lightbars look like a single light. I rewired my lightbar to come on with the highbeams and adjusted the lights for better lighting coverage.

These lights use the same type of bulb used in house accent lighting. It's bright but doesn't cast the type of beam that blinds oncoming cars...exactly what I wanted.

I wanted a set of small, chrome lights and it took awhile to find some I like. I got these at Scootworks (P/N 16-104). JC Whitney sells a similar looking light but they are junk. See why here.

I'm still toying with mounting positions. When I decide upon a final position I'll probably run the wires inside the crashbars.

I plan to have them on all the time but I installed a switch anyway...just in case.

I found a mounting location I liked so I ran the wires internally. It looks much cleaner that way.

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