Dragtron Air Filter kit

After having the Cadmann mod for awhile I decided to upgrade to an aftermarket air filter kit. A popular choice for the Nomad is the Dragtron air filter kit sold by Sherm's Cycle Products. It is a hybrid setup and is economical compared to other kits.

The first step of the installation is removing the crossover tube. I used a cutoff wheel from the inside and cut the bulgy snout off one end.

I used a long sawsall blade and cut the tube lengthwise. I removed the tube and placed it in an appropriate location.

The Dragtron air filter kit.

Installation is simple. Remove the factory filter (or in my case, Cadmann air filter). Bolt on the base mount. The new base has provisions for the intake air temperature sensor (blue arrow) and the crankcase breather (red arrow). The base includes a 90* NPT fitting for the breather hose. My crankcase breather doesn't go to the air filter, so I plugged the opening with a pipe plug.

The next piece is the adapter between the base and the air filter.

The lower air filter bracket is next...

...then the air filter...

...then the air filter cover, and you're done.

The new air cleaner system sticks out about an inch farther. It's only noticeable when applying the brake. It'll take some getting used to. Otherwise it's nice.

I used a clamp from the cruise control kit to hold the idle control.

Update - Click here to see the mod I made so the air filter doesn't stick out so far.

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