Dragtron mod

I liked the looks and function of the Dragtron air filter kit I installed. The only thing I didn't like was it stuck out farther than the stock filter. Everytime I went to hit the rear brake I was bumping into the air filter. I decided to see if I could shorten the assembly by removing the air filter adapter piece and mounting the air cleaner assembly directly to the base adapter.

I took the whole assembly off and set it on my workbench. After some pondering I decided it could be done.

I drilled holes in the air cleaner assembly to match the mounting holes on the base unit (blue arrows). The air cleaner assembly needs to be notched for the air temperature sensor (red arrow) and the CCV fitting on the backside of the air cleaner assembly needs to be trimmed (green arrow).

Much of the intake is blocked by the mounting ring of the air cleaner mounting base. Since I'm not using this part now...

...I trimmed some of it off.

Now the intake is much more uncovered.

Because the bolt heads will be interfering with the bottom of the air filter I bought some flat head bolts from Lowes. The screws were slightly too long. Instead of shortening the bolts and messing with boogered threads I used a cutoff wheel and cut off the back of the bosses on the throttle body (green arrow). This way the bolts can pass through.

I put a bead of sensor-safe RTV on the adapter...

...and mounted the base of the air filter housing.

The whole setup was rock solid with only the two bolts, but I used a 5/16" bolt (blue arrow) through the CCV hole as a third attachment point.

I grooved out a couple places in the rubber air filter base for the bolt heads, and assembled everything.

Success! The air filter no longer gets in the way of my leg.

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