Fairing gauges

One of the reasons I wanted to install the fairing so I could install some gauges. I'll be installing a tach, fuel gauge, oil pressure, water temperature, voltage, and thermometer. I ordered the gauges from Summit Racing except for the tach which I got used from Ebay.

The 2 1/8" gauges fit easily in the smaller holes. The two center holes are made for 3 3/8" gauges. I couldn't find a fuel gauge in that size so I had to settle for 2 5/8" for it and the tach. To do this I had to make an adapter plate. I had a scrap aluminum road sign laying in the garage so I decided to use it.

I'll be using this screw hole to hold the adapter plate.

Using the aforementioned screw hole I mounted the plate and traced the openings.

I cut the holes with a holesaw. I had to trim the holes a little.

I fabricated a couple brackets to hold down the adapter plate to make it stronger.

The adapter plate didn't turn out too bad. I might paint it or just leave it bare. Time will tell.

Here are the guages wired and powered. I used red backlighting for a subdued look. The tach is a pedestal mount type, so I used a worm clamp to hold it in the fairing. The temperature gauge hasn't arrived yet.

The fuel gauge I used is made for 240 ohms empty, 33 full. This is very close to the factory sender and works well. I put a SPDT switch in the fuel sender wire so I can switch to the fairing fuel gauge or the factory gauge. The gauges don't read the correct level if you try to use them both at the same time.

The temperature gauge arrived.

Gauge wiring.

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