Nomad trailer hitch

I had been planning to fabricate my own trailer hitch so I could still use my lower saddlebag guards.

I found a trailer hitch being sold on Ebay made specifically for the 1600 Nomads. It looked very well made. For $165 I decided to try it. Maybe I can get my saddlebag guards to work with it?

Update: Many people have emailed me asking for contact information of the seller to get their own hitch when they can't find it available on Ebay. His email is, or search on Ebay for 'wing84'. (Update January 2011 - the hitches are now $240)

The hitch came via USPS.

It is well packaged and included an installation CD. A nice touch.

Here are the contents.

Here are the lower saddlebag guards. They connect to a cross bar that will be removed for the hitch installation. I like the guards for their protection and looks.

The cross bar is removed with a 6mm Allen head bit.

The hitch is attached to the cross bar mounting points (red arrow) and exhaust hangers (green arrow). The hitch is now mounted. That's all there is to it.

The kit came with longer bolts for the exhaust hangers. Since I had an aftermarket exhaust I had to run to the store and get some 5/16" bolts to use here.

There's a little less than an inch clearance between the hitch and rear tire.

I tried several different mounting scenarios for the saddlebag guards to no avail. Ebay giveth and Ebay taketh away.

A couple pictures of the hitch and ball.

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