2006 Kentucky motorcycle trip

August 17

The chilly morning air was refreshing against my face. The sun was still hiding under the eastern horizon, pockets of fog filling the low areas. The rumble of the Roadhouse exhaust was playing a pleasant song. I was eastbound to John's to start our 2006 motorcycle trip.

This spring John brought up the idea of going to central Kentucky for our annual motorcycle vacation. It is an area rich in history and bourbon. It sounded like a good idea so his wife Debby, the trip coordinator, started gathering information. The departure date was set for August 17th. We would stay in Bardstown for a couple days then move to Harrodsburg.

We have some new riders this year. Mike and Lisa Kurdziolek will be going, along with John, Debby, and myself. Ashton abandoned me this year. I will lead with John in the middle with the trailer and Mike will be sweeper. This past year we formed the Southern Indiana chapter of the Reguladores motorcycle club. All of us are members. This will be the first trip for my 2005 Kawasaki Nomad.

Bedford, IN. 7:30, initial mileage is 3293 - The weather forecast is sunny and in the 80's. It should be a great day for riding. The trip to Bardstown will only take two hops.

Sellersburg, IN. 8:55, mileage 3372 - Our first stop for fuel. It was a nice ride down two-lane US50 to Seymour and down I-65. Our next hop will take us through Louisville and its traffic. We're not looking forward to that, but our next stop is Bardstown.

Bardstown, KY. 10:41, mileage 3428 - We arrived at the Best Western way before check in time. The staff was nice and allowed us to drop the trailer and luggage off early so we wouldn't have to carry it around. They also went ahead and registered us for our rooms. We got an end section all to ourselves.

I had made Mapquest maps prior to our trip. The Mapquest location of our motel didn't agree with the Best Western online map so I went by the Best Western map. They should know where their motel is, right? Wrong. The Mapquest map was correct. We drove around a little bit before we found the motel, but we just call that sightseeing. It's all part of the vacation experience.

Our first stop was the Old Bardstown Village/Civil War Museum. It is a collection of four different museums and an old village. $8.50 gets you into all of them. We went to the main Civil War museum first. There was lots to see and I learned some things I didn't know. Next we toured the old village. Most of these are actual structures that have been to moved to this central location. Some contain people doing actual work as the settlers would have. We finished up our pre-lunch activities at the wildlife museum. It had interesting displays of local animals since settlement times.

Lunch was calling us so we ran up the road to KFC. We seem to do KFC on every trip. After a finger licking good lunch we went to the remaining two museums which are located up the hill from the other three.

The first museum is a war memorial of all wars with special emphasis on Kentucky and Bardstown residents. The last museum deals with women's role in the civil war. It is adjacent to the war memorial museum.

After the museum tours we went back to the motel to check in and unpack.

We changed out of our road gear and into comfortable clothes and headed to My Old Kentucky Home park. This is the visitor's entrance.

This a former lawyer's mansion that inspired Stephen Foster to write 'My Old Kentucky Home', which eventually became Kentucky's state song. Tours are guided and are very interesting. They don't allow photography inside the house.

On the way back from My Old Kentucky Home we stopped at the Old Nelson County Jail.

Its claim to fame is it was at one time the oldest operating jail in Kentucky. It is now a bed and breakfast.

Debby and Lisa try the stocks. We should bring these back for use in our present society. More old jail pictures.

After our visit to the old jail we thought about visiting the Talbott Tavern for supper, but we decided to go there tomorrow. To the left is the Bardstown courthouse.

We went back to the motel and spent some quality time lounging around the pool. While we were there a horse-drawn carriage came by. We asked about rides and set up a 9:00 pm carriage tour around the city.

After our pool session we dressed and went next door to the Stephen Foster restaurant for supper. We had the buffet. It was good. We hung out at our end of the motel waiting for the carriage ride. He was prompt and the tour of the city was marvelous. After the carriage ride we sat outside for awhile, then turned in for the night. It had been a long, enjoyable day.

135 miles to Bardstown.

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