2006 Kentucky motorcycle trip

Day 2

August 18

We met at 9:00 am for a continental breakfast at the Best Western. They had a good selection. The first couple stops today would be whiskey related. Kentucky bourbon, to be exact.

Our first stop was just a few blocks away at the Oscar Getz Museum of Whiskey.

The museum was a former boy's prep school associated with the nearby Catholic church. The museum is on the first floor with the upper stories being office space.

After the museum we sat around a fountain area across the road and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Our next stop was the Maker's Mark Distillery. It is a commercial distiller of Maker's Mark Bourbon whiskey. The free and informative guided tours take you through each step of the process from raw materials to barreling to packaging. The distillery is located about 20 miles south of Bardstown via a nice, curvy 2-lane road. Perfect for motorcycles.

After the distillery tour our rumbling tummies told us it was time for lunch. We'd passed a restaurant back in Loretto so we had lunch at Hawk's Place. Good burgers and fries! Our next destination was New Haven and the Kentucky Railway Museum. Looking at the maps we figured there was a better way to get there than backtracking all the way to Bardstown. We asked our waitress and she said the highway to the west led straight to New Haven. Good deal!

After a scenic and good ride down Highway 52 we arrived at New Haven and the Kentucky Railway Museum. They have 1 1/2 hour train rides, a museum, and model railroad layouts. The train ride was only operating on Saturdays and Sundays so we'll come back on Sunday. We made a loop through the museum and then headed to the model railroad building.

On the walk to the model railroad building we felt the drops of a motorcycle rider's evil nemesis...rain.

After we finished at the railway museum we rode up the street to the New Haven Chevron station for fuel and pop and to wait on the rain.

The rain quickly subsided. On the trip back to Bardstown up US31 it sprinkled a little bit but it felt refreshing. Just as we pulled into the motel it started pouring.

We changed clothes and hung out at the motel until the rain cleared. We decided to go on a walkabout of Bardstown to see the sites and revisit some of the things we'd seen on the carriage tour. We checked out the stores in central Bardstown and some sites in the southern district. We walked for a couple miles or so. Above is St. Joseph's Catholic Cathedral a few blocks east of our motel.

The end of our trek led us to Talbott's Tavern for supper. The air conditioning felt nice after our walk. The food was good, but kind of mediocre for the price.

After supper we headed back to the motel. The weather was nice so after some pool lounging we took the table and chairs outside and discussed our plans for tomorrow. It was nice to have the end of the motel to ourselves. Fatigue was our cue for bed. Tomorrow would be another day.

4 - Maker's Mark Distillery
6 - Kentucky Railway Museum

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