Nomad lightbar rewire

The Nomad came with a lightbar. It seems nice. The lights are halogen and easily adjustable. The bar is hefty and the lights don't vibrate. The chrome finish seems good.

The lightbar was put on at the Kawasaki dealer, but the original owner didn't think it was a Kawasaki lightbar. It has the switch on the bar.

One thing I didn't like was the shoddy wiring installation. The wires just hang across the fork in plain sight. The wire to the other light (red arrow) is just tied to the brake line. The wire to power (green arrow) is hanging in the breeze.

This is an example of someone paying the dealer for 'professional' work and not getting it, and is why I do most of my own work. Sometimes 'professional' isn't.

The bar is hollow so I ran a wire between the lights through it. This gives a cleaner and more custom look. The only trick is to use wire that is stiff and has a slippery insulation.

I'll reroute the main power wire when I rewire the headlight.

The finished product looks nice and clean.

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