Mustang seat

After our Kentucky trip two things were obvious. One was the CWI backrest wasn't going to do the job. The other was the Nomad seat wasn't nearly as comfortable on long hauls as the Honda Shadow seat. A Protac backrest wasn't available for my Nomad so I decided to kill two birds with one stone and get a Mustang seat with backrest. I ordered P/N 79351 from Ebay.

I was glad to see this box on my front porch.

Inside was driver seat, passenger seat, and backrest.

The Mustang seat (back) is more cupped than the stock seat. The foam is firmer and the whole seat probably weighs three times as much as the stock seat.

Comparison of the rear seats...Mustang on the right.

This is my favorite part...the backrest. I love its simplicity. The backrest is adjusted by the bolt. The two other bolts aren't tight and allow the backrest to fold forward and the pad to float against your back. The backrest inserts into a slot in the driver seat and has several height adjustments.

My only complaint is the mounting bracket. It is a pain in the ass to get the bolt in. You can pull the trim flap up for more clearance, but this needs to be better designed...especially for a near $600 seat.

The flap in the upper left corner covers the slot for the backrest.

Here is the seat in place.

I placed a vacuum hose nipple over the bolt to keep scratching down. The whole adjustment assembly is low enough it does not interfere with a passenger...well, unless you're hung like a me (wink).

Another nice feature...the seat folds down for the passenger to get on/off.

The test ride was great. It held my butt and back perfectly. As an engineer I spend much time sitting and I get sore at the base of my coccyx. The Mustang seat holds me just right. I also feel like I'm sitting a little lower with the new seat.

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