Nomad headlight rewire

A mod I did on my Shadow was to wire the headlight to the battery through a relay. This provides good voltage to the bulb for brighter burning and longer life.

In stock form the voltage has to go: battery --> ignition switch --> fuse block --> light switch --> headlight. The length of travel and small gauge wire results in a significant voltage drop.

Here is a schematic of my wiring upgrade. The headlight, lightbar, and voltmeter will get good voltage.

I made a 'key-on' relay assembly out of a dual fuse holder and a relay. It will go in the left storage pocket above the tool kit.

I like to wire my accessories independent of the factory wiring as much as possible.

The wiring from the key-on relay comes through the storage pocket at the green arrow. The purple arrow is a power connection provided by the factory. I'll be hooking a battery tender here. There's another one in the headlight bucket. I put ziploom over the battery connection. The blue and yellow power wires head toward the front of the bike.

The two power wires (headlight and lightbar) follow the main harness. Where the wires will be seen I use ziploom.

Here is the headlight wiring after I added the headlight relay. The headlight and lightbar (purple arrow) now get power straight from the battery through the 'key-on' relay. Previously the lightbar was tapped into the parking lights. I'll be changing the headlight bulb to a Sylvania Silverstar for maximum lighting.

The green arrow is pointing at the front power connection (fused battery and ground). The connectors look like female spade connectors but are actually two female bullet connectors. It was nice of the factory to provide these connections. I'll hook my GPS to this.

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