Kuryakyn engine guard pegs

I had engine guard pegs on my Honda and I knew I'd put some on the Nomad. It's nice to stretch your legs.

I ordered the Kuryakyn large ISO pegs with stirrups from Cruiser Customizing (P/N KY-8071).

Mount them where they are comfortable and don't interfere with the controls.

After our Kentucky trip I felt like the pegs needed be a little closer so I bought a set of Kuryakyn offset peg extensions (P/N KY-7996).

These get the pegs back where I can place my feet on them fully. I felt over stretched before. I now have about 4 different foot locations: (1) stock floorboards, (2) half on the floorboards and half on the pegs, (3) on the pegs, and (4) feet over the top of the pegs.

The stirrups give the pegs a solid floorboard-like feel.

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