Progressive shock upgrade

One thing I've not liked about my Nomad is the low speed handling when riding two people. It's a handful. I've adjusted tire pressures, shock settings and pressures, etc. with no improvement. I never had any problems with my Honda Shadow so I'm surprised the Nomad handles so badly. I think there is too much weight on the back making the bike unbalanced and the frontend feel light.

I decided to buy better rear shocks. Progressive 440's are a popular choice. Some people recommend the heavy duty version and some people say the heavy duty version are too stiff. The Progressive site doesn't list an application specifically for the 1600 Nomad but they do have listings for the 1600 Classic. After some pondering I decided to get the heavy duty version because my Nomad also has the additional weight of the saddlebags and tour pak.

Here are the new shocks. I purchased them from MAW online's Ebay site. (P/N 4404233C)

Changing the shocks is a remove and replace procedure with one exception. The top of the stock shocks are thicker than the Progressive shocks due the air fittings. There is a spacer kit available but I made my own.

I took a solo test ride with the saddlebags and tourpak off the bike. The Progressive shocks are stiffer than the factory shocks but not harsh. I think they'll work fine. Riding 2 up will be the true test.

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