Rifle windshield

I'm making some upgrades to the Nomad that will make it more enjoyable in cooler weather. One thing Nomad owners have done is to get a Rifle windshield. They are wider, thicker, and can be ordered in taller heights. I decided to order one 2" taller than stock.

The windshield comes well packaged.

Here is the windshield.

There are a lot of parts making up the factory mounting brackets. Keep everything organized if you don't like puzzles.

The new windshield is thicker so it is much stiffer. Patience is the key during reassembly.

The new wider windshield matches the Moxy lowers nicely.

Note: The new windshield was ordered 2" taller than stock. Setting on the bike the Rifle windshield didn't seem any taller. I did some measuring and the new windshield was the same height and the factory one. I talked to Rifle about it. I sent them several measurements of my factory windshield. They found out the measurements for the factory windshield had changed with the 1600 Nomads even though Kawasaki told them it hadn't. They are sending me a new windshield. They also said in the future the Rifle replacement windshields won't be ordered as 2" taller, 4" taller, etc., they will be ordered as the measurement from the headlight cutout to the top of the windshield.

Update - My new windshield arrived a week later, along with a prepaid UPS sticker to send the old one back. Great service from Rifle!!

Here is a comparison of the Rifle and factory windshield.

The new windshield is taller and wider. With the new windshield and lowers I have much less wind and no helmet buffeting.

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