Nomad Roadhouse exhaust

I love the look of the dual exhaust on the Nomad. I have a Roadhouse exhaust on my Shadow and I like it's sound...rumbly, not loud. I searched the internet and the best place I found to get the Roadhouse Dooley exhaust was Pipecity, P/N 56-1729. I ordered a set with smooth heat shields and slash cut tips.

The exhaust came well packaged...two boxes within a box.

The installation is straightforward. Remove the saddlebags (10mm socket). I like the heftiness of the saddlebag brackets.

Remove the heat shields. They are held on by worm gear clamps. The pipes underneath were not pretty.

Remove the exhaust. It took a 12mm socket for everything, except the converter which took 14mm.

When I unpacked the Roadhouse pieces I was surprised to find this connector. I had assumed the exhaust would be true duals, especially given the 'Dooley' name. Roadhouse told me (via email) this design is supposed to give the low/midrange benefits of a 2-into-1 exhaust, but still sound good. I guess I'll see.

The installation is easy. The front pipe goes on first.

The Roadhouse instructions said to use the gaskets and flanges in their kit. There were none. Since the bike only had a few thousand miles on it I reused the factory stuff. I had this same issue when I did my Honda.

While I'm griping, I'll say the Roadhouse instructions leave a lot to be desired. Their black and white recopied pictures don't cut it and their instructions are bland.

The second pipe is loosely attached and the collector is attached to both pipes.

The muffler hanger bracket connects to the bolts for the saddlebag mount/crashbars. Because of the poor instructions it took me a couple tries to determine the orientation. Here's how it goes. The mounting setup allows for up/down and side/side adjustments. Get the muffler where you like it then tighten it down.

Install the left muffler and adjust it to match the right side. Make sure you put Loctite on the bolts.

Install the heat shields. They use hose clamps like the factory pipes. It takes some trial and error to get the shields to line up.

You're done! Fire it up and check for leaks.

A couple pictures of the new pipes.

These new pipes sound awesome! They are a few db louder than what I expected but I love them.

(Sound clip of the finished exhaust - 890K)

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