Speedometer error is a common thing with motorcycles. My Honda was off by a few mph. I noticed my Nomad was off by 10% when we went on our Kentucky trip. That was quite a bit. Since the speedometer is electronically driven there are kits made to correct the speedometer error. I decided to get a kit from Speed-O-Healer since it is plug-n-play.

Here is the Speed-O-Healer kit...the control module and a vehicle specific wiring kit.

Installing the kit requires removing the left side engine cover. Here is the speed sensor (purple arrow) and the connector we'll 'T' into (green arrow).

The Speed-O-Healer harness T's into the factory harness.

Here is the schematic for my bike.

I ran the cable into the left side compartment through an existing hole, then used the supplied velcro to mount the control module.

The Speed-O-Healer website has excellent directions on programming the module so I won't repeat them here.

An overall view of the installation.

I hid the cable with ziploom and it looks like factory wiring.

Now my speedometer is less than 1 mph off according to the GPS.

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