Techlusion TFI install

When you increase the airflow on the Nomad you have to do something to adjust the fuel delivery. On a carburetored motor you change needles and jets. With the fuel injected motor I had to add a fuel adding computer.

I bought a Techlusion TFI from Custom Dynamics (P/N FI-1025). Another choice is the Power Commander, but it is more expensive, requires computer programming, and I think the TFI operates better in a non-race bike.

Installation is pretty simple if you're comfortable soldering.

The computer is on the left side of the battery in the space shown above. Remove the battery holddown and pull the computer out. Disconnect the harness.

For my bike and year the fuel injection control wires are blue/green at pin 39 and blue/red at pin 40. When in doubt, check continuity between the connector and fuel injector connections.

Power is at pin 21...

...and ground at pin 20.

Strip away a 1/4" or so of the insulation and solder the TFI wires to the stock wires: Red (power), black (ground), blue and gray to the injector wires (doesn't matter which ones).

The TFI comes with wire taps, but in a motorcycle environment I think you'd want to solder the connections.

Cover the soldered connections with a good quality electrical tape. Shrink wrap would be better, but there's no way to cover this type of tap. Cover the wires with the factory sheathing and remount the computer.

The TFI adjustments must be set. The instructions give you a starting point. I did some internet research and found settings of (left to right) 2:30, 1:30, 1:00, and 9:00 here. I velcro'd the TFI in the storage pocket above the tool kit. It will be easy to get to if I need to adjust it.

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