Wompus trunk rack

After our Kentucky trip I got to thinking it would be nice have a travel trunk for the Nomad. A trunk is a popular addition, so I got one off of Ebay. The trunk is too big and heavy to mount on the luggage rack so I needed to get a dedicated mount.

Doing some research I found there were two different makers of trunk mounts...Wompus and Scootworks. I posted a 'Wompus vs Scootworks' question on three different forums and the feedback heavily favored Wompus. I also found out Scootworks quit making their own mounts and now sells Wompus. The choice was easy.

The rack came well packaged and blocked with styrofoam.

The racks are made to order specifically for the bike. They are powder coated, or can be left bare for chroming. They include a nice set of instructions.

Update January 2011 - Received an email from Wompus today. He now makes an oversized 14"x14" rack just for the Nomad for the same price.

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