AudioVox cruise control

My friend John mentioned awhile back about installing an AudioVox cruise control on his bike. I'd never given it much thought, but it seemed like an interesting idea. I found an AudioVox system on Ebay for $80 so I got it.

Cruise control installation on a Nomad has already been covered in great detail on the Gadget page. I'll just hit the highlights for my bike's installation.

Cruise control switch installation

Servo installation

Attachment to throttle linkage

The cruise control is nice. It holds a steady speed. It's a little odd to feel the throttle moving on its own.

Update 3/2007

We installed a cruise control on John's Royal Star. It was similar to my installation so I'll just hit the highlights. We did this without a service manual so we had to guess on a few things.

- We got power and brake light connections from the harness that goes to the rear fender. Blue was power and yellow was the brake light.

- Each cylinder has a capped connection under the carburetor. We used this for a vacuum source.

- We used his crashbar for a vacuum storage container. We drilled out the holes in the end tubes and tapped them for fittings.

- We mounted the main unit under the front of the bike beside the oil filter.

- We attached the control cable to the throttle cable stop. The cable ran under the bike, and up the back of the motor.

- The coils are behind the motor and accessed from the bottom. The +12v wires are red. One coil trigger wire is yellow and the other is orange.

Amazingly, the cruise control worked the first time!

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