ElectraGlide fairing

I never used to be much of a fairing person. However, over time they seem to have grown on me. I was watching the movie "Me, Myself, and Irene" and I liked the look of the fairing on Jim Carrey's motorcycle. Beside the wind protection and the classic looks, it also appealed to the nerdy side of me...a good place to stick some gauges.

I kept an eye on Ebay and found an inner/outer fairing combination for sale. It had already been modified to fit a Road King so I thought it would work well for my Nomad. It was a grayish brown and had a scuff on it so it would need to be painted. After I won it I found another one for sale. This one was brand new and blue & silver similar to my bike. I'll use the other fairing for mock up, then we might see if we can fit it to John's bike.

Here is the fairing I will put on the bike. I'm going to try to find a Harley headlight assembly so I won't have to carve up the nice fairing to fit the Nomad light.

With the help of a couple guys from the Delphi Electra Glide Garage I found the headlight parts I needed at Cycle Parts. The parts I got were:

Headlight bucket (P/N 67728-02) - This is the part that bolts to the fairing.
Mounting ring headlight (67732-71) - This bolts into the headlight bucket. This part moves when you adjust the aiming screws.
Reflector assembly, headlight (68342-05)
Headlight door (67712-83) - This is the chrome trim ring on front of the light.
Ring assembly, headlight (67726-71) - This is the 3-eared retaining ring that holds the reflector assembly to the headlight mounting ring.

I had to bend the top of the headlight bucket down slightly so the trim ring tang would fit.

Here is the assembled headlight on the fairing. The Harley headlight uses the same type bulb so the Nomad wiring will plug in without modification. Here is the back of the light.

One thing I did was swap the Nomad lightbar lights with thinner versions. I had these mounted on my Shadow. I installed studs in the outer fairing to make it easier to mount to the inner fairing.

Here is the fairing on the bike after I got back from a test ride. I love the fairing and new gauges. The fairing mounting brackets I made are rock solid. You can also see the fairing wind deflectors and chrome windshield strip.

Another view. The blue & silver of the fairing doesn't match as well as my tour pak did. However, I like the colors on the fairing better than my bike colors.

I've still got a few more things to do. I found a storage pocket on Ebay. I've got a 5" windshield ordered. I'm also gonna make storage compartments for the speaker holes.

Update June 2007 - I put a 7" windshield on and I like it much better. I can still over it and it blocks the wind better.

Buyer's note - I bought the 5" windshield from Eglidegoodies.com for $60. I bought the 7" windshield directly from Cee Bailey for $35, and it also came with cleaning solution and a cloth.

I added some turn signal indicators. These lights are connected to the turn signals. They are easier to see than looking down at the tank.

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