2007 Frankfort motorcycle trip

August 17

The lawn was mowed. The bike was clean. I was clean. I packed the bike, bid Sarah farewell and headed over to John's to start our weekend trip to Frankfort, Kentucky. Not long after our North Carolina trip we began discussing a weekend trip. John and Debby had been to Frankfort and enjoyed it. Like most of Kentucky it is rich in history. Coincidentally, it was exactly one year ago to the day we went on our Bardstown trip.

Mike and Lisa arrive.

For those who followed our North Carolina trip this summer I have two pieces of good news...no bike breakdowns and no rain on this trip! More good news to report...Airman Ashton is on leave from the Air Force and will be going with us. She will be riding with me just like the old days. The paricipants will be John & Debby, Mike & Lisa, and Ashton & myself.

Bedford, IN. 18:56, initial mileage is 8634 - The weather has been stinking hot and dry for the last couple weeks but an impending cold front has made the temperature decent this evening. The trip to Frankfort will only take two hops and we should be there a little after dark.

Sellersburg, IN. 20:07, mileage 8701 - Our first stop for fuel. When we travel south we always stop at Sellersburg at the same station, park our bikes in the same spot, and sit at the same picnic table. John, Debby, Mike, & Lisa light up, I document the trip, and Ashton sends text messages.

Frankfort, KY. 21:44, mileage 8764 - We arrived safely at the Capital Plaza Hotel and parked in the parking garage. The parking garage is part of the capital property and is patrolled by capital security. Our bikes should be safer and out of the weather. That's a nice touch.

We checked in, then decided it was past time for supper. We were told the bar was still serving food. They weren't. We were directed to Buddy's Pizza downtown. The 3-4 block walk to the pizza shop was nice. The weather was cool and they had had some sort of function at the old capital building and people were milling about. Frankfort reminds me of our home town of Bedford. There's even train tracks down the main street.

Buddy's Pizza was a nice hangout and the food was yummy. My calzone was huge. John and Mike shared a bucket of beer. Midway through our meal an intoxicated patron came over and struck up a conversation with us. He was either asking us about our supper, or hitting on Debby...we weren't really sure. He said something about us needing more beer. Ashton, always quick with a response, asked if he was buying. He thought about it for a few seconds then said 'sure'. John and Mike got some free beers.

After we finished eating we meandered back to the old capital building and sat on the retaining wall. It was a good place to finish the beer and smoke cigarettes. A train came by while we there.

We then walked back to the hotel and hung out in the capital plaza. The plaza abutts the hotel and contains shops and government offices. There is a large fountain in the center. After enjoying the fresh air for awhile we decided to call it a night. We would meet at 8:30 for breakfast. Good night, Ashton.

134 miles to Frankfort.

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