Phat II risers

When I got the bike I liked everything except the handlebars. I ordered a set of 13" apehangers to replace them. When they came in I test fitted them and found they still didn't reach back far enough to suit me. I ordered a set of Phat II risers from Scootworks. Taller risers are a common upgrade for the Nomad. During my handlebar research I found the 2006 Nomads have a 2" taller handlebar than previous years...I guess I'm not the only person who didn't like them.

Here are the Phat II risers and mounting hardware.

They are hefty pieces of metal.

The first thing to do is cover your tank and front fender. You can't be too careful.

Remove the chrome caps to reveal the Allen head bolts (10mm).

Remove the factory riser caps and set the handlebars out of the way.

Remove the factory risers (14mm socket).

On the Nomad the bolt goes in the offset hole so it will clear the speedometer assembly.

Update 3/2006 - In conjunction with my fairing project I used the center holes. This gave me a little more room for the fairing. I also feel it is a slightly stronger mounting setup since the down force is pulling the center of the riser. This does put the left riser VERY close to the key during a full left turn.

The installed risers look like this. There is enough extra length in the factory cables and hoses to work with the Phat II risers.

A partial casualty of the new risers is the windshield bag. It's kind of scrunched up now. I'm gonna see if I can remount it.

Here is a picture of the new handlebar position. This a 100% improvement over stock.

Here's a shot of the apehangers being test fitted in the new risers. The newly positioned factory handlebars felt much better, but not completely to my liking. These apehangers will be perfect for me. Over the years I've had surgeries on both wrists and the apehangers are the most comfortable handlebars for me.

My lengthened cable and hoses won't be here in time for our next motorcycle trip, so I'll be using the stock handlebars.

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