2007 Asheville motorcycle trip
Day 4

June 18

Today we will be going to the Biltmore Mansion and it should be fun. We went there in 2005 but it is so huge you never see it all in one visit. A sad casualty of yesterday's sickness was I missed one of Debby's wonderful breakfasts. Today was not the case as I feasted on a pancake-related concoction. Prior to this trip I'd lost 23 lbs on the NutriSystem diet. I'm wondering if I'll be starting from scratch when I get back home.

Northbound on I-26 from Saluda to Asheville to visit the Biltmore Mansion.

So far on this trip we've had good luck with other drivers. On the way to the Biltmore we had a couple idiots try to run into us. I think some hand gestures were made.

The Biltmore Estate.

When we toured the Biltmore in 2005 we followed the general tour route, but it was self guided. This time we spent the extra $8 (in addition to the basic $38 admission) and got the audio tour. These are audio packs with headphones. Each room on the tour is numbered and you push the corresponding number on the audio pack as you enter the room. This way is much more informative and makes for a more interesting tour.

When we were here in 2005 the fourth floor was undergoing renovation. It was open now, and it was full of interesting displays and rooms to view. They had the scale model that was made for Vanderbilt so he could approve the building plans, as well as the building plans themselves. I'd put the Biltmore Estate on my list of things everyone should see in their lifetime. In this age of electronics it's interesting to see the simple pleasures taken to a different level.

The Biltmore stables are converted into a gift shop and restaurant area where we had lunch, picked up gifts, and snagged some more pins and stickers.

After lunch we made a loop through the garden areas. All day long storms were in the area but never did get us. The clouds and breeze made for a comfortable day. We had visited the farm and winery areas in 2005 so we skipped them today. We walked back to the parking lot and hopped on the bikes. Did I mention the Biltmore has special parking for motorcycles? It's closer than the normal parking. Yeah baby! There were plenty of Goldwings in the lot for Mike (and the rest of us) to check out.

On our trip to Lake Lure we'd passed some shops and photo ops the girls wanted to revisit, so we headed back down US74A via the Blue Ridge Parkway. We stopped at the above church and hit a few shops. I managed to not lose any more pieces of the bike on this trip. Well, that's not exactly true. Sometime in the last day or so I lost the stirup peg that remained after the footpeg fell off.

We went up and down the US74A mountain twice so we got a double dose of the twisties. It sprinkled momentarily on the way back but it felt refreshing. We made our way back to Asheville so Lisa could visit a health food store, then we went across the street and picked up some ready-made sandwiches at an Ingles food store.

We made our last trip back to Saluda, as we would be leaving in the morning for Pigeon Forge. We cleaned up, ate our sandwiches, hung out on the deck, did laundry, and got things organized.

90 miles.

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