2007 Asheville motorcycle trip

This was the best trip of all our motorcycle trips so far. Plenty of days to do stuff. Lots of fun things to do with a good balance of riding, relaxing, and other activities. We were never rushed. And of course...good people. Next year our tentative plans include a full length tour of the Blue Ridge Parkway with stops in Cherokee and others. I can't wait.

Bike issues:

My fuel injector wire problem wasn't a problem after the first day. I still need to dig in there and fix the wires for good. I recently purchased a Goldwing fuse block and am considering consolidating all the fuses in an easy to get to location. (Update: Did it.) Here was the source of my electrical problems.

The cruise control problem was an unhooked vacuum line after the check valve. I probably did it when I was working on the initial fuse problem. I wish I'd taken a few minutes to look for the problem. I would have loved to have used the cruise on the trip.

My headlight modulator hardly ever worked on the trip and before. I took the system off and checked it. The photo eye was working fine so it's a problem with the main unit. It was a clearance unit from the factory ("all sales final") so I'd say I'm screwed. Update: Kriss didn't have any replacements so they allowed me to upgrade to a current unit.

The melted rain suit material on my exhaust came off fairly easily with gasoline.

I ordered a new set of stirup pegs and now I'm good to go again.

My mileage sucked on the trip (~30mpg). I think I need to adjust my TFI unit. (Update: I changed the plugs and the mixture was definitely too rich. I leaned the TFI unit and now it runs better than it ever has. I also adjusted the throttle cables to perfection.) (Update 2: On our Kentucky trip my mileage was up to 41 mpg. Much better.)

The riding we did was a great way for me to get used to my Nomad. I'm now a much better rider than I was before the trip.

We need to hone our rain riding equipment. For Mike this might mean a Goldwing (one last tease!).

See You on the Highway!

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