2007 Asheville motorcycle trip
Day 7

June 21

Our plans today aren't as intense as yesterday's. We'll be riding to Cades Cove, doing some shopping on the way back, then attend the Dixie Stampede at 6:00 pm.

We were on the road around 8:00 am this morning. Cades Cove opens to motor vehicle traffic at 10:00.

We made an encore stop at Mel's Diner, then headed to Townsend for fuel and pop. We then headed south on TN73. It's a lazy, curvy road to Cades Cove.

Cades Cove is an 11 mile driving loop of original and restored structures from the 1800's when this area was settled. It is part of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The area is surrounded by mountains and is kind of a 'land that time has forgotten'.

The loop is a slow drive. I don't think I got out of first gear. A few of us were brave and defied the Tennessee helmet law for the cruise through the Cove. We even drove by a park ranger who didn't notice. The bad thing about first gear driving is the bike gets hot and there's a lot of radiator fan usage. I can't imagine riding around here on an air cooled bike.

2006 Visitor Center pictures

2006 Cades Cove pictures

Three studs? Three Musketeers? Three Stooges??

As we sat here we heard an awful sound. The sound of a motorcycle falling over. We rushed about 10 feet before we were able to see it didn't belong to any of us. That was a relief but you hate to see anyone's bike go over. I don't know if his kickstand wasn't fully deployed or if it drifted forward and fell over. The owner picked it up, started it, and drove off without a word. He had to be aggravated.

After we finished the loop we went to the snack shack and had a light lunch in the amphitheater.

Leaving Cades Cove we stopped at a wood carver's shop in Townsend. He had manyinteresting concoctions. We stopped at a few more shops in the Wear Valley area, then headed back to Pigeon Forge to clean up before supper.

Tonight we have our supper at the Dixie Stampede. We were going to go here last time but they were sold out. The premise of the Dixie Stampede is you eat supper in a stadium while watching a horse-based show. Sometimes it's a wild west style show. Tonight it was Civil War based. They give you lots of food from a set menu and you eat with your hands...no silverware. Good food and entertainment. It's a fun experience, and recommended.

The night was still young when we left the Stampede so we rode to the south end of the shops on the Pigeon Forge strip. One of the shops had goggles. I thought these would be good in case we got into rain again, but I hesitated at paying $20 for a set. We did find some pins and stickers. After shopping it was back to the house for lounging.

64 leisurely miles.

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