2007 Asheville motorcycle trip
Day 2

June 16

I awoke early this morning to the humming of the fan. I got that excited feeling when I realized where I was at and I was on vacation. I raised up and hit my head on the ceiling...DOH...I'll have to remember I'm in a loft. I climbed down the ladder and took a shower. After the shower I laid down a little longer but later I could hear people moving around down below.

Everyone assembled on the deck for coffee and morning smokes.

We made a lap around the cabin to explore the things we didn't see last night in the dark. There is a nice tree swing and a pond. We could hear the frogs croaking last night. Now we know where they were coming from.

From the looks of these old steps and the old barn by the road I'd say there was once an old farmhouse on this spot.

We wiped some of the road grime off the bikes then rode down to exit 59 to a diner/truckstop. We fueled up the bikes and had breakfast.

Northbound on I-26 from Saluda to Asheville.

I'm the road captain so our typical riding order is me, John, and Mike. I'm a 'Point A to Point B' kind of guy, so when there are shopping or picture stops to be made I defer the leadership to one of the other bikes. Sometimes it's nice to follow.

Our first stop of the day is Mr. Motorcycle to see about getting Mike a new front tire. They are a Honda/Yamaha/Suzuki/Kawasaki dealer with a large showroom to look at. They were able to get Mike in quickly and didn't screw him on the price of the tire or installation. Two thumbs up for Mr. Motorcycle!! They had a new Goldwing in their showroom that we all looked at. Mike is wanting a Goldwing so throughout the trip we tease him when we see one. Hell, I wouldn't mind having one myself.

We spent a couple hours there. The weather was beautiful and it was a nice place to hang out.

Our next stop of the day would be Chimney Rock Park. We took US25 from Mr. Motorcycle to the Blue Ridge Parkway, then exited the parkway at US74A.

US74A is scenic as it meanders through the lowlands. As it crosses the mountain to Chimney Rock it becomes VERY twisty...15 mph switchbacks all the way up the north side of the mountain. This would be good practice for riding the Dragon. The south side is curvy but not as bad.

On the way down the south side I saw a silver piece of metal falling along side the road behind me. I saw John and Mike pull over so I pulled over around the next curve. I looked at my bike and didn't see anything missing. A few minutes later John and Debby walked around the corner and they were holding something up. I shrugged my shoulders and they yelled "footpeg". I looked at my bike and damned if they weren't right. The foot peg part of my left engine guard peg had came loose leaving the stirrup. A few minutes later they pulled up behind me with the intact footpeg...bolt and all. For some reason Kuryakyn pegs seem to be immune to threadlocker...they always loosen up. I put the footpeg in my saddlebag for later reattachment.

We arrived in Chimney Rock without further incident. Chimney Rock's claim to fame is the rock outcropping (above) and related park area. Chimney Rock has a Gatlinburg-esque feel. (south view) (north view)

We drove past the entrance to Chimney Rock Park, and not knowing you had to drive into the entrance for another mile, we made a lap down the strip and parked in a parking area.

We hopped off the bikes and walked to several shops. Besides the normal junk women look at (HA!) we had some shopping goals. We guys were on constant prowl for pins for our vests and stickers for our trailers. After the long travel day yesterday we were also looking for seat pads for the ladies. We found some seat pads in the local Harley store but they wanted $109 for them.

Soon it was time for lunch so we stopped at Laura's House. It is a nice restaurant with a great view of Chimney Rock. The food was great and reasonably priced. Our hostess did a great job serving us and was very friendly and charming...not to mention nice looking. Like most of the girls south of Kentucky she has a heart-melting southern accent. Sigh...if I were only good looking.

Traveler note: Laura's House also has very nice restrooms.

After our fantastic lunch we rode the 1 1/2 mile up to the Chimney Rock Park parking lot. Like a lot of places these days they had special motorcycle parking right up front. I like that trend. Here is a shot of Chimney Rock from the parking lot a few hundred feet below.

Chimney Rock is accessed via a tunnel and an elevator. At the elevator entrance a large spider was getting everyone's attention. The elevator empties into the Skyview restuarant and gift shop. From there you take a walkway to the rock itself.

The view from Chimney Rock is spectacular. You can see the town of Chimney Rock and farther south Lake Lure. There was a storm in the distance but it did not come our way. Here is a panoramic view from Chimney Rock. Our bikes were tiny. Here are a couple manly men.

Something else I have a soft spot for are pretty girls who ride their own bikes. Got a few shots here.

We hit the gift shop for pins and stickers then walked the trail to Hickory Nut Falls. The trail was a mile or so long and a good way to work off our lunch. Here is a picture of the 404' falls.

Mike did some rock climbing and proudly surveyed all he had conquered. Being the gentlemen we are, we left the girls at the trailhead and walked up stairs to the overlook to get the bikes. By the time we reached the top I couldn't feel my legs and I thought the old heart was going to pop. Good exercise though.

We picked up the womenfolk and rode the few miles south to Lake Lure. Lake Lure is a man-made lake that has been a destination of the rich and famous since the 1920's. The lake is ringed by expensive summer homes. They have boat tours which we planned to ride. We stopped at the boat house and found we had over an hour until the boat tour.

We thought we'd find a light supper somewhere so we drove around Lake Lure. Not finding anything there we drove back to Laura's House where we had hotdogs and pretzels. Our cute hostess was there again.

After we finished eating we drove back to Lake Lure to await the boat ride. We guys checked out the remnants of a swap meet while the girls took pictures of the dock area and ducks.

Eventually we boarded and I sat at the rear near the skipper. I was able to spread out in the seat and I could hear the skipper better. The tour took about an hour and was fun. After a day of riding and hiking it was nice to sit on the padded boat seats and relax on the water. The skipper was entertaining and interesting. Here are some pictures from the tour with comments.

Tour question: What is the difference between a skipper and a captain? A skipper doesn't go down with the ship.

With the boat tour completed we saddled up and headed back north through Chimney Rock and then west on US64. US64 had recently been repaved and was great to ride. Sweeping curves and scenic country. At the outskirts of Hendersonville we stopped at a Super Walmart and picked up some food supplies. We rode home, cleaned up, and Mike cooked hamburgers on the grille. They were excellent. We did some more sitting on the deck and turned in for the night. It had been a good day.

90 easy miles.

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