2007 Asheville motorcycle trip
Day 8

June 22

Today is a wind down day. More trolley riding and shopping than bike riding.

A couple scary creatures.

Our first stop was a short ride to FlapJacks for breakfast, then on to Gatlinburg to the Ripley's Aquarium. Aquariums are always interesting. This aquarium has interesting layouts and traffic routing to get the most out of your visit.

The traffic in Pigeon Forge is traditionally horrible. Three lanes bumper to bumper. It takes longer to get through Pigeon Forge than it takes to drive to Gatlinburg. For those reasons today we'll be taking the trolley. For 50 cents someone else can do the driving while we enjoy the air conditioning.

Our first step in getting on the trolley was getting to the nearest trolley stop. We had to walk at least half a mile...cutting across yards, down side streets, and through a cemetery. It was a short wait for the trolley which took us to the middle part of the strip where most of the shops are. We went from store to store looking for pins, stickers, cheaper goggles, butt pads, and anything else interesting. When we got to the south end we took the trolley back to the center. The girls went to pick up some things they had found earlier while us guys did a round of go-karting. We walked back to the south end of the strip so Lisa could get some bags she'd seen the night before, and Mike and I picked up a pair of goggles.

We decided to pick up some groceries and fix a nice dinner for our last night. We rode the trolley to the end of the line...Walmart. We picked up top sirloin steaks and the fixins. We took the trolley back to our original stop and hiked the half mile back to our house. Mike mixed up some magical steak seasoning and John cooked the steaks to perfection. It was a great dinner. We lounged and cleaned the rest of the night.

20 miles.

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