2007 Asheville motorcycle trip
Day 9

June 23

Today is the day all vacationers dread...the day to go home.

Packed and ready to roll.

We were up and packed by 8:00 am this morning. Despite being the last day of vacation no one is bummed. It has been a great vacation. Not too busy, not too bland. Like Baby Bear's porridge, this vacation has been just right.

Pigeon Forge, TN. 8:24, mileage 7092 - The weather is beautiful for traveling. Reports from home are for rain in the Indiana area but we're optimistic it'll be gone by the time we get there. It should be a great day for riding. Traffic was uncharacteristically light as we headed out of Pigeon Forge. We passed a restaurant which appeared to have burned down over the night. Once on I-40 we pulled off at the Strawberry Plains exit and ate breakfast at Cracker Barrel. There are lots of bikes on the road. Probably due to the Honda Hoot in nearby Knoxville.

Jellico, TN. 11:20, mileage 7171 - The bikes are running fine. That's especially important for me. I'm still a little paranoid. We're drinking pop out of the cooler.

Berea, KY. 12:59, mileage 7240 - The site of my bike repair on the way down passes without incident. They're having another car wash in the Walmart parking lot. I hope those same annoying girls aren't there.

99.999% of the drivers we meet are great. Passing an interchange entrance ramp I see a blonde in a Camry coming down the ramp. Judging by our speeds she'll fall in well behind us. At the end of the entrance ramp I hear a honk and turn to see the Camry up my ass and giving me a look like I'm in her way (and, of course, yakking on a cell phone). Instead of pulling into traffic she felt the need to race down the ramp and try to pass everyone. I just turn around and ignore her. I'll let her by...if she pulls over and blows me.

Frankfort, KY. 14:29, mileage 7294 - We pulled off at our normal gas station from 2005. I even get a picture at the same wall.

As we were getting fuel it started to lightly sprinkle. We rode up the road to KFC. As we ate the rain picked up. Word from home was we were getting the very tail of a more nothernly storm.

We milled around a while hoping the rain would move off. After a while we decided it was here to stay and it was time to put on the rain gear. We put on the rain gear, got on the bikes, and the sun starting peeking through. We drove off in sprinkly rain.

Several miles up the road the rain stopped and the sun came out. Suddenly the protective rain gear was now melting us. We pulled off at the Peytona exit on I-64 and de-geared.

Sellersburg, IN. 16:42, mileage 7353 - We pulled off for our last pitstop. Riding through Louisville is something we always dread. The interchange from I-64 to I-65 is a pain in the ass. Add in the rude drivers and we're always glad to be clear of Louisville. Maybe next time we can take a more scenic route and avoid Louisville altogether.

On a good note, we did a good deed. An elderly lady pulled up to the air hose with a very low tire. We put air in it for her and she was very appreciative. I make a great supervisor.

Potter residence. 18:19, mileage 7413 - We separate the luggage and socialize to make the vacation last a few minutes longer. The shortcut across SR250 was a nice change. The bad weather had moved away by the time we got here and now it's nice. We said our goodbyes and head to our homes. It's nice that this is Saturday and we have Sunday to wind down and take care of home things.

350 uneventful miles.

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